Wednesday, August 5, 2009

~lalalalalalala~ already upload pic of klk n poject a moment 2 remembr..nice der i y pling cute dat y la pic tue menjadi sedap mata d'pandang..neway i enjoy bwat dua2 benda besfren said we must try somethg dat different 2 make our life lbey hepi..hmmmm..daring to dare..i dah buat n memang bwat my life smile back..huhhh..wat the hell y aku dok merapu nhe..nonsence..hehe..up 2 me blog..hihi..after this i got meeting..about MALAM MESRA MISC..i will be mc for that program..hopefully everythn will be alrite..pray 4 me quite nervous..nhe sumer pasal bidan terjun la..x per..i suker jer jadi mc..bley femes ckit..hihi..

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