Thursday, August 6, 2009


Huhhhh..a lot of suck things happen to me.And yesterday is klimax untuk sumer my cried.yeah..women only know cry2..nak buat camner,NO WOMEN NO CRY.I took quiz from facebook and it says i realy though..hmmm..totally just ordinary human like others.not though enough to stop my tears from rolling down.hmmm..actually day by day i lost something yang i cari bertahun.What is the thing y i cari bertahun2 2?hmmm..let it be secret in my's rely hard for me 2 say it.hmm..advice from me.appreciate ler benda y der depan mata coz oneday kter kan regret kalu dya tba2 menghilang.hmmmm..watever must goon watever happen pon.i hepi ngn life aku even kadang2 aku sedey.hmmm..its normal ler in our life.dpressing,sad,hepi,sick,tired,angry..all this is spice of our life and it make our life bcome delicous then PIZZA HUT..hehe..people around us mnjadikan kita more matured.thanks to them coz they have make our life colorful.n to mummy..anak mak nhe dh bley pikir benda y baek n buruk..dnt wory about me.hehehe..

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